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Found one of the top betting sites is not easy today, because there are many fakes casinos out there. How do you know if an online casino is fraudulent? Contrary to appearances, it is not that difficult, but it requires a thorough check. In the UK, this problem is solved by the license to play on only one site – the license is given to one casino. So you can be sure that the game is safe and properly controlled there. However, how to make sure, e.g. while being abroad and playing in a foreign casino, that you have chosen a good casino? That this is not a scammer? Pay attention to specific points – even if our goal is only to play online slots for free.

Casino Licenses

There is no country in the world that would allow a casino to operate without a license. The most popular license is, among others MGA, or Maltese license, but, for example, every casino operating in Great Britain must also have a Gambling Commission UK license. The rule is simple – the more licenses the casino has, the better. But to check legality, one is enough. The best casinos UK present their licenses on the home page. Such a license is not only a logo; we must also have access to its number on the casino’s website. If you have any problem with finding out under which license the casino operates or apart from the license logo itself, there is no other information about it, do not register with the casino.

Clear rules

Every legal casino easily provides contact to the customer’s help. We can also easily find FAQ and casino regulations. If the casino offers promotions like a no deposit bonus, the rules of using them can always be read before registering at the casino. A legal casino has nothing to hide. It clearly presents its rules and allows players to read them before they decide to register. If you cannot get to any of the important information and the customer service is silent – avoid this casino!

Well-written deposits and withdrawals

The player must have clear access to information on how he can make deposits and how he can withdraw money. Particular attention should be paid to whether the casino distinguishes between these things or merely informs loosely what it is using.

This is important information as often the methods of depositing and withdrawing your winnings differ or their availability varies from country to country. The casino should provide such information in its rules or FAQ. If you are not able to find information on how you will be able to withdraw money – avoid this casino.

Check the lists of recommended casinos, read reviews and opinions

Casino reviews and the list of checked casinos are also a good source of information. In the reviews, you will find information on how the casino works, what languages ​​it supports, and, for example, what games it has.

The opinion of other players is no less important. They will immediately write under such reviews if they had a problem with the casino. Don’t ignore these reviews! If several players complain about a problem with obtaining a bonus or withdrawing money, it is not worth risking.


If we are not playing the demo version of the new casino games for fun, but we make real bets – the casino will sooner or later ask for our sensitive data. He will receive some of them with the first deposit (he will know where the transfer came from and from). However, if we want to withdraw money, we will have to provide our exact details.

Some casinos require such replenishment at the beginning, others only when withdrawing money. However, it is inevitable. In order not to risk and give your details to fake sites – always double-check which of top betting sites UK you are dealing with.