Advances in casino games


Based on recent studies, it would seem that the best online casinos UK market in Europe is in a growth phase: an increase of 9.2% is expected over the next five years. The sector is certainly one of the most promising today. We are talking about an environment that is always in the process of development and innovation, oriented towards new technologies and artificial intelligence. Here is an overview of the situation and future prospects.

This growth is pretty evident in some European countries: according to the Observatory for Digital Innovation of the Politecnico di Milano, 40% of Italian users are now more oriented to multimedia content, 20% to editorial content and news in general, 14% to video games and 12% to music. The gaming sector always remains in the lead with 1.13 billion euros spent in the last year.

Advances in casino games – What it is coming

In the world of online casinos, an important milestone has now been reached in terms of transparency and security, this in favour of the player who can take advantage of portals certified by the Gambling Commission, secure payment systems such as Paypal or Skrill and management of personal data with encrypted systems. Furthermore, the advantages for players, whether newbies or experts, are increasing: bonus and incentive systems that did not exist in the past are increasingly widespread. By now most of the platforms are adapting to this much-appreciated trend. The online information is very numerous, so much so that it sometimes creates confusion regarding the cheapest offers available.

The transition to mobile

Over the years, accessibility to gaming portals has expanded through the advent of new technologies on the mobile side. Nowadays, through new innovative apps it is possible to access even the best UK live casinos through your smartphone, guaranteeing an experience identical to that available from a desktop computer. This development is obviously supported by an increase in the performance of the devices, which become more and more like small computers.

Virtual reality

In the near future, great changes are expected in the sector, thanks to virtual reality and artificial intelligence: more and more applications and games, like online bingo, are designed to include these technologies. Some gaming houses already offer some titles for augmented reality headsets today. While their cost is high at the moment, they are expected to soon become accessible to all.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already being tested by some online gambling operators. The aim is to use player data to create optimized and customized games, in which problems cannot arise that would require the intervention of customer support. The operator will have savings on the cost of services, while the player will benefit from an improved gaming experience in many respects.

High expectations

What awaits us in the coming years is certainly a compelling scenario, the world of online gambling does not want to lag behind technological developments. Inevitably, this sector is also under the influence of innovative progress and this translates into an improvement from every point of view, for an increasingly engaging and exciting experience for the ultimate player.